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If language and/or reading ability is limiting learners’ success with history, America’s Story offers a simple solution.This newly updated, full–color text presents complete,current content at reading levels 2?? with vocabulary,com- prehension,and geography skill–building components.

Book 1 (to 1865) topics include exploration,settlement,the fight for freedom, growth of the nation and the Civil War.Book 2 (since 1865) includes reconstruc- tion,westward expansion,the Industrial Revolution,the World Wars,the space race, civil rights,modern–day challenges.

The comprehensive teacher’s guide includes a scope and sequence chart, teaching strategies and review, assessment, graphic organizers, and study guides covering pre–reading, writing and web research.

The student book and teacher’s guides are also available in a Spanish version for Spanish–fluent ESL students.


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English Version
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book 1   9780739897102       $36.45  
Student Book 2   9780739897119       $36.45  
Teacher's Guide   9780739897157       $30.60  
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