U.S. Holidays and Culture for English Language Learners
Gretchen Fues
  • High School
  • Adult Education

This textbook is intended for intermediate–level English language learners in a variety of settings who wish to improve their vocabulary and better understand some of the history, culture, traditions, and heroes of the United States. This book may also be useful in standards–based programs that encourage reflection and reading with understanding.

Fireworks and Festivals offers students the chance to encounter new vocabulary many times, from noticing to remembering, to producing it independently. Thought–provoking readings and carefully designed exercises keep students motivated to learn and practice new vocabulary. Each unit consists of two parts. The first half presents the history and present–day customs of a major U.S. holiday. The second half features the biography of a famous American who has a connection to the holiday. Each half–unit features five high–frequency words that are central to the reading with multiple opportunities to practice.


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