Read, Discuss and Write
Exploring and Understanding Cultures Using academic Skills
David Kehe and Peggy Dustin Kehe
  • College

This book is a content–based college/university preparation course introducing and giving practice in using a wide range of academic skills. It is of value to English language learners and native speakers who are or will be living in a culturally diverse environment and community. The content is focused on a neglected area of language– culture studies: the confusion, misunderstandings, misconceptions, and sometimes even hostilities that can occur when learners don’t really understand each other’s language and culture.

Cultural Differences was written for high–intermediate and advanced learners of English, as well as for adults and young adults who are not language learners but who associate with people from other culture—for example, when Americans of different ethnic/cultural backgrounds study, work, or live together.

Another distinctive feature of Cultural Differences is that it is actually two books, the basic text and the reproducible supplementary activities. The basic text can be used alone. Using the two books together provides a more challenging program, since the supplementary activities involve the learner in a deeper exploration of how and why people from collectivist and individualist cultures differ.

The supplement also provides applied outside–class interactions, quizzes, and answer keys.


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