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Immigrants wishing to become US Citizens must take the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) oral examination. This CD is a study guide to help Spanish and non–English speaking individuals study and test their knowledge of U.S. history and the structure of our government. This is not the actual test given by a USCIS officer. At their interview, the USCIS officer may ask them similar questions then evaluated the candidates on their ability to speak, read, write and understand English at their interview.

This unique product provides the core base of knowledge even to non–English speaking people so they may partake in the American Dream. There are 13,000,000 Hispanic people residing in the U.S. many who wish to take the USCIS exam. Until now, there has been no single source for the immigrants to access a Spanish version of the USCIS exam. This CD guides these people in their own language and dialect by a recording artist who is fluent in both Spanish and English. The CD, recorded in a state of the art studio, is in a conversational format that speaks to the listener as a friend and equal. The CD is 36 minutes with a brief introduction. The exam questions and answers are given in Spanish followed by the English translations and is presented twice. This is done to allow the listener to practice the English Q&As without having to hit the rewind button.

How this CD helps prepare for the USCIS exam

  • The CD presents, in Spanish and English, the new 100 official USCIS sample questions and answers for the oral exam one takes for US citizenship. The USCIS recently revised the exam and this CD reflects those changes.
  • This is a companion to the print book: Study Guide for the US Citizenship Test in English and Spanish.


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