Second Edition
Dorothy Kauffman and Gary Apple
  • Best Seller
  • Middle School
  • High School

Accelerate your students’ academic language development with the second edition of the Oxford Picture Dictionary for the Content Areas program. This program:

  • Uses direct, explicit vocabulary instruction, which improves learning outcomes for ELLs and struggling learners
  • Helps English learners and struggling learners acquire new content area vocabulary and build word knowledge from incremental, repeated, and varied exposures to words
  • Has an instructional routine that uses the research–based Gradual Release of Responsibility, Productive Partnering and other models as an effective way of increasing language acquisition
  • Is standards based and aligned to the Common Core State Standards and other leading research on what works most effectively
  • Uses scaffolded and differentiated instruction to improve vocabulary acquisition for English language learners
Dictionary: Has over 1,600 words and 77 topics grouped into 10 thematic units in social studies, science, and math. All topics are explicitly aligned to national and state standards. Available in English/Spanish bilingual edition.
Workbook: Provides additional scaffolded vocabulary practice and focuses on the same grammar point, academic language focus, or critical thinking skill found in the Dictionary.
Classroom Audio: Has clear pronunciation of all dictionary terms and readings in the reproducible collection.
Teacher’s Guide: Contains a research–based instructional routine, extra content support, and instructional notes with facts and strategies to easily present the topic.
  • The Instructional Assessment Usage Guide and templates enable teachers to document their students’ progress in language and content.
  • A customized lesson plan CD helps teachers quickly and easily create plans for a variety of curricular needs.

Assessment CD–ROM: Provides simple, customizable tests for every topic. Each test includes vocabulary assessment as well as a speaking or writing prompt with rubrics.
Academic Language Accelerator: Teaching resource contains more than 100 suggestions for facilitating content vocabulary and concept learning.
Reproducible Collection
: Contains scaffolded reading and writing practice and over 1,350 word and picture cards. Consists of five books of social studies, science and math topics.


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Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
English Dictionary   9780194525008       $21.60  
English/Spanish Dictionary   9780194525022       $21.60  
Workbook   9780194525046       $13.60  
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Teacher's Edition w/CD Pack   9780194525459       $56.00  
Assessement CD-ROM   9780194525596       $77.60  
Class Audio CDs (6)   9780194525565       $64.80  
Academic Language Accelerator   9780194525053       $28.00  
Reproducible Social Studie People & Places   9780194525084       $48.80  
Reproducible Social Studies History & Government   9780194525091       $48.80  
Reproducible Life Science   9780194525107       $48.80  
Reproducible Physical Science Earth & Space   9780194525114       $48.80  
Reproducible Math and Technology   9780194525442       $48.80  
All 5 Above   9780194525077       $237.60  
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