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Readings and Language for Job Success
Ellen Vacco and Paula Jablon
  • Best Seller
  • Adult Education

At Work in the U.S. helps beginning–level adult ESL learners gain the general language skills and cultural understanding they need to function successfully in the U.S.workplace.

Lessons are set in specific work settings, but the language and skills that are taught are relevant and can be easily transferred to meet students’ personal work requirements. Student book lessons focus on reading skills and vocabulary development,but also include material to develop all language skills, as well as math, when appropriate to a lesson topic. Many lesson activities reinforce SCANS skills and competencies.

The audio component includes prompts for all listening activities,along with vocabulary lists and reading passages from each lesson.It provides aural rein- forcement for reading comprehension, models natural speech, and helps build listening skills.

A comprehensive teacher’s resource guide includes general suggestions for use of all materials, selected background issues, and how to carry out and extend specific lesson activities,as well as, photocopy masters of unit tests and supplemental activities for each unit.

The teacher's guide is now available to download. Click the text sample above to do so.


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