English for the Workplace
Willim C. Harvey
  • High School

This program will help Hispanics who speak little or no English communicate successfully with job interviewers, employers, supervisors, and fellow workers in a predominantly English–speaking work environment. Practical instruction starts with the basics of English pronunciation and an introduction to commonly used words and phrases. The following chapter presents standard job interview questions and responses, words and phrases related to employee benefits, and the English skills required to complete a written job application. Subsequent chapters present vocabulary and phrases that pertain to job locations, job equipment and supplies, giving and receiving work–related instructions, dealing with work problems and complaints, and communicating information relating to medical problems and task–specific emergencies. A concluding chapter helps learners communicate and understand general business terms and phrases and includes sales phrases, banking vocabulary, speaking on the telephone, using a computer, and more.

The optional CDs complement the book’s contents with pronunciation exercises and bilingual dialogues.


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