John Allison, Paul Emmerson, Jeremy Townend, Rachel Appleby, and Edward de Chazal
  • High School
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The Business 2.0 builds on the successful first edition, and includes a range of new material which provides your students with the language, skills and confidence they need to succeed in the competitive business world. In addition, the flexible, modular structure allows you to combine topic–based material from the coursebook and the digital resources to equip your students with everything they need to succeed.

For students:

  • Topic–based, flexible business English, which is particularly suited to college and university level. Students build strength in four key areas: language skills, new technologies, business skills and interpersonal skills.
  • Self–study is encouraged, and students wishing to consolidate their learning in a more interactive way can do so using the eWorkbook, which is an integral part of the The Business 2.0.
  • The speaking tasks and case studies in each unit provide thorough practice of interpersonal skills, focusing on students’ emotional intelligence.

For teachers:

  • Transparent links to core business areas help you plan your classes effectively, including personal development, service, supply chain, management, sales and marketing, finance and international trade.
  • The modular structure allows you to make the most of this compact course and includes interactive practice and fun videos to use alongside your core course material.
  • An introductory ‘Business Fundamentals’ section in each level helps your newest and lowest–level students with language and topics including business organization, financial control, CVs and covering letters.

The is an integral part of The Business 2.0, which provides students with interactive grammar, vocabulary and skills practice accessible on any device. Students can also download extra language practice, audio and video to their tablet or mobile phone for on–the–go learning, making it ideal for self–study or homework.

A wide range of motivating and entertaining videos offering examples of good and bad communication and people skills, along with commentaries by communications experts, supports the series.*This sale is while supplies last.They are not returnable*


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