Speak Professionally, Expand Your Buisiness Vocabulay, Fine-Tune Your Grammar, Understand American Culture
Lvingin Language
  • High School

Business English gives you the skills you need to sound professional and communicate with ease in the workplace. The program will help develop a good sense of business language and advanced grammar; understand social etiquette and cultural differences; familiarize yourself with up–to–date idiomatic expressions; and build confidence in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing English in professional or formal settings.

Business English includes:

  • A 336–page book with 20 essential lessons, including marketing and advertising, computers and the internet, immigration and visas, imports and exports, and even politics
  • Four hours of recordings on four audio CDs, including all of the dialogues
  • A guide to English grammar, additional vocabulary, and a list of industry–specific terms
Business English is an advanced ESL program for speakers of any language.


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Text & Audio CDs (4)   9781400006618           $34.99  
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