Ellen Vacco and Paula Jablon
  • High School
  • Adult Education

Helps beginning ESL students develop and practice the language skills they need to communicate effectively on the job. Conversations for Work connects the classroom to the workplace.

  • Thematic approach introduces students to the culture of the American workplace and illustrates the qualities students need to be successful at work
  • Conversations are designed to set a context for vocabulary as well as to share information on culture and customs
  • Lessons give students the framework for transferring and customizing materials to their own work situations
  • Topics presented are: People and Places at Work, Time and Work, Job Safety, and Working Together

Emphasizes oral skills and conversation
  • Lessons are based on workplace themes—students practice the words and expressions they need to function at work
  • Vocabulary is presented in picture dictionary format
  • Listening practice activities focus on specifics for workplace interactions, such as hours, numbers, etc., as well as typical responses to common workplace questions

    (A teacher’s guide and photocopy masters are available online at–for–work.)


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