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Business English will help your students learn the essential vocabulary and gain the tools they need to prevent or reduce accidents and injuries on the job. Essential language for workplace safety

  • Unique picture dictionary format introduces the vocabulary to help students quickly recognize even complicated or technical terms
  • Students practice application activities that link core vocabulary with related terms and phrases
  • Organized into four main units: warning signs and first–aid items, health and ergonomics, safe use of tools and machinery, and safety information on labels and tags
  • Safety Tool Kit at the end of the Student Book gives information on how to use Material Safety Data Sheets, common injury terms, and safety policies found in many employee handbooks Highly flexible and versatile teaching tool
  • Flexible format allows learners to relate what they learn to personal experience and to create their own workplace–specific safety vocabulary lists
  • Nonsequential stand–alone lessons can be taught in any order
  • Can be used as part of a general ESL course for workplace preparedness, in a class at a worksite, or as a handy reference tool to refresh or expand understanding of safety terms

(A teacher’s guide and photocopy masters are available online at–vocabulary–for–a–safe–workplace.)


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