ESL for Job Success
Christy M. Newman
  • High School
  • Adult Education

On–the–Job English will help your ESL learners develop the functional language skills and effective communication strategies they need to succeed in the workplace.

Help your students do their best to communicate at work

  • Theme–based, integrated skills approach helps students develop the functional language needed for common workplace tasks
  • Prepares students to give and understand instructions, read and understand safety rules, take part in work discussions, discuss problems on the job, and more
  • Activities encourage students to work in groups or teams, which is typical of many workplaces, and can be customized to use vocabulary and work tasks of specific jobs
  • Students practice language skills in simulated, real–life interactions, such as between co–workers, workers and customers, and workers and supervisors
  • Language skills and strategies can transfer easily to many different workplaces.

The Workbook provides reinforcement and comprehension activities.

FREE downloadable teacher's guide provides lesson–by–lesson notes that include hints for adapting the text to specific workplaces, and a SCANS correlation chart.

(A teacher’s guide is available online at www.newreaderspress.com/on–the–job–english.)


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