Second Edition
Jenni Santamaria and Joan Ross Keyes
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This new edition is a complete research–based language development program that uses vibrant, engaging illustrations to facilitate vocabulary acquisition and academic language success. This research–based program:

  • Is flexible enough to be used in any teaching situation
  • Provides explicit instruction through research–based routines
  • Makes vaocabulary and academic language accessible to beginning language learners
  • Is aligned to key state and national curriculum standards, including the Common Core State Standards

The Dictionary

  • Explicitly teaches more than 1,000 words
  • Includes 70 topics grouped into 9 thematic units
  • Has units that focus on the language of home, school, social studies, science, health, and math
  • Is available in an English/Spanish bilingual edition
  • Each topic teaches content area vocabulary in context using rich visual support and has an academic language point that provides presentation and practice of key grammar and language skills
  • Unit expansions at the end of every unit use graphic organizers to review, recycle and extend language and culminate with an activity to develop and practice critical thinking skills


  • Workbook includes two pages of scaffolded vocabulary and academic language practice for every Dictionary topic.
  • Reproduction collection includes pre–reading, reading, post–reading, and writing practice for every Dictionary topic, plus more than 800 word and picture cards. It contains two books—Everyday Language and Social Studies and Health, Science and Math.
  • Teacher’s edition, based on research–based instructional routines, is structured in a wraparound format with four pages of instruction per topic.
  • Classroom audio CDs contain clear pronunciation of all Dictionary terms and the reproducible collection readings.
  • Assessment CD–ROM contains simple, customizable tests for every topic.


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Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
English Dictionary, Softcover   9780194017756       $21.60  
English/Spanish Dictionary Softcover   9780194017770       $21.60  
Workbook   9780194017794       $13.60  
Teacher's Edition   9780194017800       $56.00  
Classroom Audio CDs   9780194017831       $64.80  
Reproducible Collection   9780194017848       $237.60  
Assessment CD-ROM   9780194017909       $77.60  
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