Phonics and Vocabulary for Emerging Readers
Kaye Wiley and Ethel Berger
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Adult Education

Do you know your ABCs? Can you sing the alphabet song? The English alphabet, the 26 letters from A to Z, has always been the basis for teaching first language learners how to read English. And somehow most learners emerge from the alphabet soup with acceptable reading skills. But the English language learner who is tackling English as a second language soon discovers that little ol’ A is pronounced in four different ways, as in may, far, cat, call, and is spelled in several different ways, a, ay, ai, aw, au, ar. What a mess!

So let’s straighten this mess out and have some fun at the same time. That’s what A to Z Picture Activities does. It takes a look at each letter of the alphabet with illustrated words (more than 800). The units begin with facing pages that show words beginning with the letter and explores their meanings. Then it explores the phonics of the letter—the sounds it makes. That’s how the book helps the emerging reader develop sound–letter correspondences (phonics).


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