Anna Moni and Maria Angela Rapacciuolo

Scriviamo insieme! is a book for young and adult students at the beginning level, who wish to develop and improve their writing skills of the Italian language. It is designed to lead the students gradually from guided to free writing, encouraging them to develop their own ideas in an appropriate manner according to the communicative task.

It is divided into 11 chapters and offers, among other things, guidance on how to compile a list or a form; write a formal and informal message, an email or a postcard; communicate in a chat; describe a person, a family or a house; tell a story in the present or the past.

The students gradually discover the techniques and strategies to develop, order and express their ideas with originality, clarity and style. Among the activities are crosswords and lexical grids; cloze exercises; global and detailed comprehension; spider gram of ideas or keywords; ordering and matching. There are also fun activities and collaborative activities, activities on punctuation and spelling, expansion activities of the texts and on the connectives.

The book is structured in such a way that it can be inserted in different educational curricula. With the answer keys and the appendix, it can also be used in self–learning.


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