A. Serio and E. Meloni

Cinema Italia is a series on Italian cinema for students of all levels. Each booklet focuses on a theme common to the two films chosen and presented and includes a card with information about the film and the director and rich and motivating learning activities. The films selected and presented can be easily found on the market.

The Cinema Italia series

  • Aims at developing student's language skills and vocabulary, through the analysis of Italian films of our great classical and contemporary repertoire
  • Offers a wide range of comprehension, listening and writing activities also covering socio– cultural aspects
  • Includes the key to the activities, often with exhaustive comments on the film, in order to facilitate self–learning

CARO DIARIO: ISOLE / MEDICI (High–Beginning—Intermediate Level)
This booklet includes two of the three episodes of the film Caro Diario, in which the actor– director Nanni Moretti notes his impressions, thoughts, concerns and ideas, while discovering Rome on a Vespa, during his trip on the Aeolian Islands, with a friend and during the treatment of a disease.

IL LADRO DI BAMBINI / IO NON HO PAURA (Intermediate—Advanced Level)
This volume presents the world through children’s eyes thanks to two successful films of two important film directors: Gabriele Salvatores and Gianni Amelio…

This third booklet presents two films set in Sicily, where the world of the Mafia is “invisible,” but real and perceived in everyday life. I Cento Passi, directed by Marco Tullio Giordana, is a historical reconstruction of the period of the seventies with protagonist a generation full of dreams and ideals; Johnny Stecchino, directed by Roberto Benigni, tells the story of a naive school bus driver that unwittingly takes the place of a fierce Mafia repentant.


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Item   ISBN           Price   Quantity
Caro Diario: Isole/Medici (High-Beginning-Intermediate Level)   9789606930164           $9.95  
Il Ladro Di Bambini/Io Non Ho Paura (Intermediate-Advanced Level)   9789607706669           $9.95  
I Cento Passi/Johnny Stecchino (Advanced Level)   9789606930430           $9.95  
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