L’italiano attraverso i cortometraggi
Letizia Costantini, Annamara Montesi and Patrizia Tomassini

In this text, short films are used as a language tool, for both verbal and non–verbal Italian language and civilization. This methodology offers ways to study Italian language and culture in–depth. It is suitable for students at the intermediate to advanced level, able to get in touch with the social and cultural dimensions presented in the short film.

Each text analyzes four short films, each corresponding to different abilities, and divided into 3 sections:

  • Comprehension and analysis of the short film
  • Analysis of the cultural topic
  • Suggestions for communicative activities (which can be found in the teacher’s guide)

For each short film there is an introduction that gives essential information about the short film, such as title, director, year of production, actors, plot, etc.


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