Series of Progetto di Cultura Italiana
Paolo E.Balboni

For a student, watching a movie in a foreign language is very motivating, but sometimes difficult. This series tries to confront this problem with small books dedicated to some of the most famous Italian movies.

Some scenes are selected to give students the ability to enter into the story, to know the characters, to hear the variety of Italian language variances, and finally to make them ready to view the entire movie.

In the first part of the text, students find information about the author, the director, the places, interviews, biographies, links on Internet, etc. The second part consists of the many activities, analysis of the scene, vocabulary exercises, and idiomatic expressions, etc. In this way, the experience of these scenes becomes a key to access Italian culture from the last fifty years. ** QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED* *ALL SALE ITEMS ARE NOT RETURNABLE**


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Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price       Price   Quantity
Amarcord (Federico Fellini)   9788855700979   $12.00       $6.00  
Happy Family (Gabriele Salvatores)   9788855705127   $12.00       $6.00  
Il Gattopardo (Luchino Visconti)   9788877157263   $12.00       $6.00  
Il grande sogno (Michele Placido)   9788855703901   $12.00       $6.00  
Il mio miglior nemico (Carlo Verdone)   9788855704120   $12.00       $6.00  
L'amico di famiglia (Paolo Sorrentino)   9788855704137   $12.00       $6.00  
La famiglia (Ettore Scola)   9788855702614   $12.00       $6.00  
La finestra di fronte (Ferzan Ozpetek)   9788855702850   $12.00       $6.00  
La giusta distanza (Carlo Mazzacurati)   9788855703321   $12.00       $6.00  
La meglio gioventù (Marco Tullio Giordana)   9788855703345   $12.00       $6.00  
La prima cosa bella (Paolo Virzì)   9788855705271   $12.00       $6.00  
Le fate ignoranti (Ferzan Ozpetek)   9788855701723   $12.00       $6.00  
Le notti di Cabiria (Federico Fellini)   9788877157898   $12.00       $6.00  
Manuale d’amore (Giovanni Veronesi)   9788855700610   $12.00       $6.00  
Mediterraneo (Gabriele Salvatores)   9788877157447   $12.00       $6.00  
Pinocchio (Roberto Benigni)   9788877157881   $12.00       $6.00  
Tre uomini e una gamba (Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo)   9878855703192   $12.00       $6.00  
Una giornata particolare (Ettore Scola)   9788855701648   $12.00       $6.00  
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