Corso Di Italiano Aziendale
Laura Inclcaterra McLoughlin, Anna Ruggiero & Giovanno Schiavo

Affare fatto 1 is the first volume of a new business Italian course for beginners, who are interested in becoming part of the corporate world. It differs from other coursebooks in that it teaches Italian through the events occurring in a fictitious, yet quite plausible corporation.

The book presents both the communicative functions and the vocabulary and morphosyntatic structures needed to communicate in a corporate environment.


  • Student book and workbook in one volume
  • 10 units plus an introduction unit and an audio CD
  • Authentic materials, activities for the development of the four language skills and cross–cultural stimuli for reflection
  • Facciamo il punto! Section
  • The self–evaluation sheet Cosa so fare? and Lo sapete che…?


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