II edizione
Marco Mezzadri

Dizionario per immagini offers about 2,000 Italian words, divided in 72 illustrated units.

Each unit has a specific theme, presented in a typical Italian context. This volume, then, is both a linguistic tool and a way to get close to the Italian life and culture. The analytical index at the end of the book, allows you to quickly find every word in the dictionary.

This text integrates lexical knowledge and can be used by a student who wants to learn Italian, but also by those people who are living or travelling to Italy. The CD–ROM allows the student to consolidate the learning through activities and multimedia tools.

The workbook that complete the Dizionario per immagini contains excercises to help students memorize terms and their uses.


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Dcitionary & CD-ROM   9788855705226           $33.00  
Workbook   9788877155108           $15.00  
Answer Key   9788877152671           $7.50  
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