Treccani 2014 is a new dictionary designed to locate data quickly. It is precise and scientifically supported. Use it for work, school and life.

Treccani 2014 is up–to–date, reflecting the most recent lexicographical notions. Clear and easy–to–use, the word structure allows for immediate understanding of words and clearly offers the development of complex meanings.

The dictionary is multi–dimensional—taking into account the origins of the linguistic history, up to the latest words, and focuses particularly on lexical and specialized jargon.

  • More than 2,000 pages
  • 150,000 entries of first and second level
  • Well–illustrated neologisms
  • Customary proverbs and expressions
  • Synonyms for the most used words
  • Tables with all the major conjugations

At the website are in–depth headlines of the Italian language and its use, a wide and up–to–date database of neologisms and an “Ask the expert” section.

A free app, compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, includes not only the text of this dictionary, but also the Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms Trecanni.CLEARANCE SALE ALL* ALL SALES FINAL*NO RETURNS*


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