And Strategies For creating A Lively "We Live There" Communicative Classroom For Any Language Course
Sue Fenton
  • Best Seller
  • Reproducible
  • High School
  • Adult Education

This book puts the students in an imaginary city where they have to find an apartment in the classifieds, locate streets, furnish apartments (visit real fur- niture, appliance, and paint stores on the internet), “make”local phone calls, find jobs, travel on subways, tour the city, visit stores, buy food, select meals from menus,travel to other cities,have daily exploratory experiences,read the newspaper, choose movies, etc. It uses the Internet, authentic materials and realistic experiences to teach language and grammar. Students will learn language from practical application through culture...and learn usable skills.

There are over 1,400 practical and creative stimuli for communication:

  • 656 roleplays on 46 themes
  • 100 speech topics
  • 200 improvisation and skit topics
  • 100 story chains
  • 122 brainstorming concepts
  • 100 “guess it”topics
  • 44 short individual presentations
  • 40 social event simulations
  • 40 panel discussion topics
  • Warm–ups
  • Checklists for keeping track
  • Listening ideas

Over 1,000 Conversation Starters lets students use their senses, imaginations, and creativity to learn. It’s far more motivating and no boring grammar lessons. Fluency comes from speaking, not from quoting grammar rules and writing in workbooks!


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