Materiale Per La Preparazione Alla Prova di Comprensione Orale
Telis Marin
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The first book in this series, Primo Ascolto, has been revised. In this updated edition:

  • There are new images and the book is in color
  • There are more varied, more engaging and more motivating exercises
  • The listening texts have been revised and the audio CD has been recorded by professional actors who took into consideration the level of the students without undermining the spontaneity and naturalness of the dialogues and of the listening texts in general.

Primo Ascolto is designed for beginners, false beginners and intermediate level learners. Ascolto Medio is designed for upper intermediate-level, while Ascolto Avanzato is for advanced level. Each is accompanied by a 60–minute audio CD. There is also a complete teacher’s guide available for download at for the higher level.

All the exercises in interactive form, together with other tools and resources, can be found on i-d-e-e. it, the first online educational platform for students and teachers (will be available in early 2013). There is a code inside each student book to access the site.


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Item   ISBN           Price   Quantity
Primo Asolto Book & Audio CD   9788898433261           $19.35  
Ascolto Medio Student Book & Audio CD   9789607706430   $19.35       $12.25  
Ascolto Avanzato Book & Audio CD   9789607706447   $19.35       $12.25  
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