Insegnare L'Italiano A Stranieri Attraverso Testi Teatrali Italiani
Lucia Alessio and Andreina Sgaglione

Invito a teatro is a collection of Italian theatrical plays for English–speaking students at intermediate to advanced levels of Italian studies.

Invito a teatro is subdivided as follows:

  • Part A:
  • five units on Italian theatre focused on some passages from the Italian puppet and marionette theater repertoire, including Sicilian Teatro dei Pupi Siciliani.
  • Part B:
  • five units on the works of the best known and most appreciated authors, in Italy and abroad, of our theatrical tradition of the eighteenth century (Goldoni), nineteenth (Verga and Praga) and the Twentieth Century (Pirandello, De Filippo).

The language used in these plays is a language close to the spoken word and sometimes spiced with a colorful regional form. To facilitate understanding and stimulate linguistic reflection, the most difficult words and slang expressions have been highlighted in the text and explained in a glossary. Each play is followed by activities: reading comprehension, work on the text, vocabulary, conversation, writing, and drama.


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