Corso Rapido Di Lingua Italiana
Daniel Krasa and Also Riboni

Facilissimo is an Italian course book through which students can learn strategies to handle daily communicative situations rapidly and effortlessly. It is designed for students who are planning to go to Italy for vacation, work, cultural or educational purposes, or virtually any reason and can only spend a limited amount of time studying. In other words, they would like to have tips on the practicalities of everyday life, such as finding accomodations, healthcare issues, using public transportation, shopping and basic getting around, etc.

Facilissimo features a straightforward, easy–to–use approach which makes teaching and learning simple and effortless.

The program includes a student book with:

  • Didactic units on a wide range of daily situations, complete with grammar and lexicon exercises
  • A thorough illustrated vocabulary in each unit which aims to facilitate word comprehension and serves students whose native language has no similarities with Italian
  • Culture sections designed as a practical user’s guide to help students become familiar with and gain insights into contemporary Italy’s traditions, customs, and social rules
  • Review sessions
  • An Italian–English glossary which can be further completed by adding word equivalents in other languages
  • A reference grammar
  • An audio CD includes the listening tracks for all exercises


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