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Arrivo in Italia / Vivere in Italia / Conoscere l’Italia
Maria Teresa Frattegiani and Rosella Baldelli / Maria Teresa Frattegiani and Valentina Gigliarelli / Maria Teresa Frattegiani, Valentina Gigliarelli, and Beatrice Marinelli

Arrivo in Italia

Arrivo in Italia is for anyone studying the Italian language for the first time (absolute–beginner) or anyone who having occasional contacts with the language (false–beginners).

The text is structured in 13 learning units which present high–frequency communicative situations that are needed and essential to communicate in the real context of everyday life in Italy. Every unit is completed by a grammar appendix. At the end of every unit it is possible to find news and information to help study the social–cultural aspect of the country.

Vivere in Italia

Vivere in Italia is a collection of authentic materials and informative texts of Italian as a foreign language at the intermediate level and the review of those linguistic competencies that are needed to communicate in ordinary and everyday situations and to be able to express immediate needs.

At the end of every unit is additional information for finding news typical of the Italian life to help study the social–cultural aspect of the country.

The answer key is available for download above under the Text Sample icon.

Conoscere l’Italia

Conoscere l’Italia is a text for intermediate students who want to begin interacting with native speakers of Italian. The volume is structured in 16 units, focusing on oral and written comprehension and production.

The authentic texts offer an interesting variety of topics (news of Italian current events, Italian society, health tips, texts of Italian authors, interviews with Italian celebrities, descriptions of places of interest, biographies and so on).

The text is comprised of 16 readings, one for each unit, with correlated activities. The texts are completely authentic, dealing with cultural insights and Italian author’s texts.


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