Grammatica Esercizi E Giochi
Sonia Bailini and Silvia Consonno

This complete and effective workbook is entirely dedicated to the study of Italian verbs. Based on clear and concise tables and varied and stimulating exercises, the student is guided towards the discovery of the tenses and verbal modes of the Italian language. From the regular and irregular forms of the present indicative tense to the use of the simple past and imperfect/perfect, from "tricks" for the correct choice of the auxiliary verbs to the "secrets" of the subjuncitve, from verbal and modal agreement to the particularities of phrasal verbs, the text deals with many arguments which are most problematical for students learning Italian as a foreign language. It provides strategies for learning and useful advice.

The text is aimed at elementary, intermediate and advanced level students and organized in units of progressive difficulty. The exercises, in addition to "training" the student in verb use, offer a wide range of information about Italy. Games, quizzes and tests enrich the text, helping to construct a varied and orginal teaching program. An appendix with reference tables and keys to the exercises complete the text.


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