Con Esercizi
Susanna Nocchi and Roberto Tartaglione

All a foreign student should know about Italian language and hasn’t dared to ask! This book is for those students who know Italian rather well and want to improve their language skills.

It introduces forms, syntax, intermediate and advanced style clues for both written and spoken language, that are widely used but seldom treated in Italian texts for foreigners: when and how to use articles, the position of adjectives, the use of particular words (anzi, magari, mica, macché…), noun alteration, tenses and modes agreement for the past, the present and the future, atypical constructions (“far fare”), etc. All this with clear and complete charts, stimulating exercises rich with information about Italian life, society, and culture and small boxes with “hints and tricks” to speak well. Answer keys are included. **ALL SALES ARE FINAL**NO RETURNS**SALE IS ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST*NO OTHER DISCOUNTS CAN BE APPLIED*


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