Regole D'Uso, Esercizi E Chiavi Per Studenti Stranieri
Alessandra Latino and Marida Muscolino

Una grammatica italiana per tutti 1, Revised Edition, offers a new clearer and more attractive layout, more varied pictures and some targeted interventions in the grammar sheets and in the exercises.

Una grammatical italiana per tutti is a series specially designed for teenage and adult students of Italian. The books can accompany any textbook thanks to its gradual approach in both grammar and vocabulary. Thanks to the keys to the exercises and to its clear and modern layout, it can also be used in self-learning.


  • Grammar explanations and exercises placed side by side for clarification
  • A practical approach targeted at students’ real difficulties and demands
  • A wide range of exercises along with the keys
  • A a clear and modern layout with definite topic division
  • Grammar structures explained clearly and thoroughly with simple language and examples taken from real everyday language
  • Numerous tables in the Appendix help students study

The first volume, at the beginning level, includes the following grammar elements: nouns, articles, present indicative, past tense, and imperfect, future, imperative, conditional, adjectives, prepositions, direct pronouns, “ci” and “ne”, indirect pronouns, impersonal “si”.

The second volume, for intermediate learners, includes: indefinites, comparatives, question forms, relative and combined pronouns, imperative, subjunctive, passive “si”, indirect speech, subordinations.


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Volume 1   9788898433100           $21.50  
Volume 2   9788898433117           $21.50  
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