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Via della Grammatica is a book of 40 full–color units, each of which addresses one or more grammatical topics, followed by stimulating and fun activities. structures are presented through clear and concise cards which relate mainly to common usage and practice of grammatical rules. The vocabulary is introduced gradually and reflects the current use of Italian. Often, new semantic groups are presented together with their visual image.

Authentic texts on various cultural, literary and everyday life offer students the opportunity to enrich and deepen their wealth of knowledge on society, history and Italian civilization. The book, provided key, useful in a path of self–learning will soon be available also for English—speaking students.

Via della Grammatica largely covers the elementary and intermediate levels. Among the grammatical phenomena treated is names, articles, adjectives, pronouns (personal, demonstrative, possessive, direct, indirect, related, combined, undefined, questions), and also,prepositions, present, reflexive, impersonal, present perfect, imperfect, future, past tense, past perfect, conditional, imperative, subjunctive, correlation, infinite, gerund, participle, conditionals, passive, direct–indirect discourse.

Via della Grammatica for English Speakers is the version for English speaking students of Via della grammatica. In fact, the instructions of the activities and the grammar explanations are in English. An online glossary is in preparation with the translation of the words encountered in the activities.

All the exercises in interactive form, together with other tools and resources, can be found on i-d-e-e. it, the first online educational platform for students and teachers (will be available in early 2013). There is a code inside each student book to access the site.


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