Grammatica per bambini
Sara servetti

Forte in grammatica! is a basic grammar for children aged between 7 and 11 years old which provides, in a clear, intuitive and playful manner, the basic structures of Italian and practice them thought various activities. Given its versatility, it can accompany any Italian language course for children, can be adapted to different contexts and learning situations and can be used in multilingual classes. Moreover, thanks to the keys provided in the appendix, the book can be used also in self–learning: the child can practice alone at home under the guidance of an adult.
Forte in grammatica! is divided in 27 units (+ 1 introductory) presenting grammatical phenomena of progressive difficulty. They present clear and representative linguistic examples and encourage the child to form inductively simple grammatical rules.
All units have a clear and attractive graphic layout and tell the adventures of a group of children on a school trip: the situations presented are plausible and familiar and the vocabulary proposed can be easily used. The exercises and the various activities proposed, help to consolidate the knowledge acquired and to strengthen communication skills in a playful way.


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