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Marco Mezzadri

L'italiano essenziale is a grammar book for beginner to intermediate level students. It can be used in class or at home—in addition to a text book, as an immediate review and reinforcement tool or, as a source of grammar review and extension for a self–taught student.

The text is structured in 96 units and in 3 appendices, plus an auto–evaluation section with answers. Each unit shows a specific grammar topic, presented with an easy and clear language, that focus only on everyday essential Italian.

The lexical choice gives importance to the development of a grammar syllabus. The first two appendices offer an explanation about phonetic and writing problems, while the third contains simplified explanations of linguistic terms used in the units.

The book also has a general index and an analytical index, to help use the text in an easier way.


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L’Italiano Essenziale (Italian)   9788877156914           $15.00  
Essential Italian (English)   9788877158109           $15.00  
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