Nuova Edizione
Angelo ChiuchiĆ¹, Maria Cristina Fazi and Maria Rosaria Bagianti

This book teaches the correct use of verbs in the Italian language. The authors edited the presentation of several verbal forms, using substitution tables or “boxes“ (scatole). The box is created to present every form a verb can take in a linguistically significant situation. The book also offers several advantages to the foreign students, such as:

  • A) Focus on irregular forms of the verb.
  • B) Constant visualisation of all types of verbs.
  • C) Reinforcement of the forms of the regular conjugation and the consideration of frequent mistakes made from non–native speakers.

    The volume deals with the following topics:

    • Use of auxiliary verb in composed verbs
    • Alternance of perfetto/imperfetto
    • Conjunctive
    • Imperative negative
    • Conjunctive depending on conditional
    • Hypothetical period


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