Marie Cristina Peccianti

Sentences, verbs, prepositions, adjectives and nouns, coordination and subordination, direct and indirect discourse, phonology and spelling, linguistic phenomena and the most useful and frequent grammatical rules are all accurately and efficiently explained to those interested in learning Italian.

It is an ideal and indispensable workbook that focuses on exercises to test and reinforce knowledge of the Italian language. It is specifically written for all those who need to communicate efficiently in Italian. The workbook includes an appendix with exercises and a practice test with answer key to prepare for the Italian language exam (beginning to intermediate level in respect to “threshold” and “superior”) which must be passed in order to work in Italy, enroll at the university, and obtain the long stay visa. The workbook starts with basic grammatical structure to more complex structures like the formation of a dependent clause, prepositions, articles, conjugations of active and passive verbs, lexicon and spelling.


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