A. Benincasa and R. Tartaglione

Grammatica della lingua italiana per stranieri is an easy–to–use grammar book that can prove highly beneficial for students who wish to work on Italian grammar and review specific items, as well as for those who need:

  • A reference grammar book that offers straightforward, easy explanations that don’t appear trivial and oversimplified
  • A broad range of motivating exercises to practice and improve Italian language skills
  • A grammar book based on actual, contemporary language
Grammatica della lingua italiana Per Stranieri is divided into two volumes–beginning and intermediate.

Each volume includes:

  • Grammar charts
  • Exercises
  • Reading review activities
  • Scored tests
  • Boxes with Italian language ins and outs; tips to improve one’s learning strategies; and further information on actual, spoken Italian
  • Links to Roberto Tartaglione’s grammar video lessons on


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Item   ISBN           Price   Quantity
Book 1 (Beginning)   9788861824065           $20.25  
Book 2 (Intermediate)   9788861824072           $22.35  
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