Testi Letterari E Attivitá Per Scoprire La Lingua
Lorenza Ruggieri

La grammatica vien leggendo, aimed at intermediate level students, consists of 11 units, each one dedicated to one contemporary writer: Paolo Mauresing, Luciano De Crescenzo, Leonardo Sciascia, Tiziano Terzani, Italo Calvino, Andrea Camilleri, Antonio Tabucchi, Carlo Fruttero e Franco Lucentini. Giving a complete image of the Italian literary scene.The text aims to:

  • Helps students discover the Italian language, in all its aspects
  • Offer a variety of resources for personal expression
  • Stimulate the pleasure of reading

This book is not simply an invitation to discover the language and the grammar rules through an inductive approach, but also an invitation to discover the authors presented and, in general, Italian literature. The choice to use literary texts for didactic purposes, provides students with examples of the expressive richness, complexity and vitality of the language. In addition, through various activities, students practice all four language skills, oral and written.

The volume is accompanied by an audio CD and an answer key to all the activities, useful in a process of self–learning. A section in the appendix collects all the material for the games proposed within the units.


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