This series allows readers to discover the pleasure of reading Italian through comic strips. The combination of attractive drawings and interesting story lines with simple language captures the attention of readers, motivating and encouraging them to read in Italian. Each story also includes activities to better understand the vocabulary and grammar.


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Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price       Price   Quantity
Roma 2050 d.C. (500 words)   9788861822887   $13.35       $6.00  
Il mistero di Casanova (1000 words)   9788861823167   $14.25       $6.00  
Una storia italiana (500-1000 words)   9788861822894   $13.85       $6.00  
Habemus papam (1500 words)   9788861822900   $13.85       $6.00  
Rigoletto (1500 words)   9788861823150   $14.25       $6.00  
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