The Imparare l’italiano con i fumetti series aims to familiarize teenager and adult students to famous and popular Italian comics! Included are various volumes with the adventures of Dylan Dog, the unpredictable investigator (created in 1986 by of Tiziano Sclavi and Angelo Strano), the legendary adventurer Corto Maltese (created by Hugo Pratt in 1967) and of the fascinating criminologist Julia (created by Giancarlo Berardi in 1998).

Each comic includes a page of interesting information and trivia as well as a keys to all activities. On Edilingua’s website you can listen to (or download) the twenty–minute audio file of the narrative that has been enriched with music and sound effects. All are written for intermediate reading abilities.

Each volume is in full color and presents:

  • The original story
  • A wide variety of activities in order to discover and comprehend new vocabulary, communication elements and sociolinguistic aspects
  • Information on both the characters and the general context of the story

Dylan Dog – Jack lo Squartatore
Dylan Dog, the fascinating detective, faces one of the world most famous serial killers or someone that wants to emulate him. The only sure thing is that the nightmare begins after a spiritual session.

Dylan Dog – L’alba dei morti viventi
In this volume, Dylan Dog faces doctor Xabaras and attempts to stop his diabolic plan to transform people into … the living dead.

Corto Maltese – …e di altri Romei e di altre Giuliette
Corto Maltese, the legendary seaman, brings his friend Cush to his home village in the Horn of Africa desert. He will try to prevent a war among tribes and keep alive a love story between two lovers, a story of… other Romeos and other Juliets.

Corto Maltese – La laguna dei bei sogni
In this volume, where "there is no coming back from the dreamland," Corto Maltese attends to the English lieutenant Robin Stuart, who deserted in the First World War finding refuge in Venezuela, but it was in vain.

Julia – Ucciderò
The criminologist Julia gets a weird phone call: a stranger tells her that he is about to commit a murder. Who is he? Is he serious? Why does he tell Julia about his purpose? Does he unconsciously hopes that the criminologist will stop him or will Julia be the goal of his killing spree?

Julia – Una cara, carissima amica
A long–lost high school friend suddenly reappears in criminologist Julia’s life. Meg Bolan returned to her hometown determined to turn the page. Did Julia do the right thing when she offered her hospitality? What is Meg’s past hiding?


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Item   ISBN           Price   Quantity
Dylan Dog – Jack lo Squartatore   9788898433162           $12.60  
Dylan Dog – L'alba dei morti viventi   9788898433155           $12.60  
Corto Maltese – ...e di altri Romei e di altre Giuliette   9788898433179           $12.60  
Corto Maltese – La laguna dei bei sogni   9788898433247           $12.60  
Julia – Uccidero   9788898433278           $12.60  
Julia – Una cara, carissima amica   9788899358006           $12.60  
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