Lingua e civiltà italiana per stranieri
Marcello Silvestrini, Claudio Bura, Renzo Pavese, Elisabetta Chiacchella, and Valentina Giunti Armanni

L'italiano e l'Italia follows the very successful beginner's course, In italiano, taking students to an advanced level. The course offers extensive opportunities for grammar review and a rich variety of texts to extend the student's knowledge of "la civiltà italiana."

The course is structured in 15 didactic units and each one includes:

  • Introductory text from a contemporary Italian author
  • Comprehension test through multiple choice and questions
  • Self–learning, self–revising and self–evaluating techniques
  • Tips for text writing
  • Grammar appendix where the principle and the references are introduced with texts of high frequency and authenticity
  • Elements of civilization


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