Italian Course for English Speaking Students
By the Gruppo Italiaidea
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Italian Espresso is the first authentic “Made in Italy” Italian language course designed for English–speaking students.

Presented in two volumes, the course is particularly suited for students at American colleges and universities both in the United States and in Italy and for Anglo–American university–level educational institutions in general. It complies with the Foreign Language Acquisition Standards.

The innovative method is based on an entertaining and communicative approach:

  • Authentic language
  • Real, non–stereotypical situations
  • Motivating and stimulating teaching activities
  • Clear and comprehensive grammar sections
  • Culture sections full of information on contemporary Italy and the Italians
  • Up–to–date and interesting topics for foreign students

Level 1 New Edition's Features:
  • the video course: a new, thrilling sitcom series about four friends and their everyday life, jobs, love troubles, holidays and pretty hiccups (episodes can be watched both with and without Italian subtitles)
  • an EXTRA UNIT on the Imperative form
  • new activities, new dialogues and new texts
  • four additional pages at the end of each unit with: a lesson-related Italian/English glossary, a grammar section, a cultural section, a page of activities on a specific video course episode
  • the Workbook also features a large variety of new exercises
  • Teachers Guide downloadable free at the publishers website
Level 2 Components include:
  • A student book, with teaching units for classwork, activities, games and sections on Italian culture, a grammar section and a glossary
  • A workbook, with exercises and self–evaluation tests
  • An audio CD, with authentic extracts of spoken language, intonation and pronunciation exercises
  • A teacher’s guide, with description of the method, instructions for lesson planning, exercise keys and tests (please continue to use the original Italian Espresso 2)
  • A CD–ROM, with the official written and oral tests and additional material for use in class


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Level 1
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book and DVD   9788861823549       $62.25  
Workbook   9788861823570       $27.00  
Level 2
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book   9788889237953       $50.85  
Student Book & Audio CD   9788889237755       $62.25  
Workbook   9788889237977       $27.00  
Teacher's Guide & CD-ROM   9788889237762       $32.85  
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