Corso Di Italiano
Giulia De Savorgnani & Beatrice Bergero

Chiaro! is an Italian language course in three volumes, covering beginning to intermediate levels, that aims at making students able to learn and to quickly communicate in real life situation. It is based on an action–based didactic approach and develops activities focused on interaction and cooperation among students in communicative contexts based on authentic situations and language.

Through a soft and gradual progression, clear learning objectives, and a modern graphic structure, Chiaro! is also excellent to students who study a foreign language for the first time.

Each level includes a student book (with exercises, DVD and audio CD) with 10 didactic units with intercultural activities sections and self evaluation and learning strategies sections; 10 chapters of exercises; audio tracks that relate to the exercise section; 10 phonetics sections; 3 review units and 3 self evaluation tests; and a grammar section. the audio CD has the tracks for class activities. an instructor’s guide is also available.(For Level 1, the teacher's guide is available as a download from Alma's website) *THE SPECIAL PRICING IS ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST*ALL SALES ARE FINAL*NO OTHER DISCOUNTS CAN BE APPLIED*


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Level A1 (Low–Beginning)
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Book,DVD & Audio CD   9788861822504   $31.35   $15.00  
Workbook & Exercise CD   9788861821446   $19.35   $9.00  
Level A2 (Beginning to High–Beginning)
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Book, DVD & Audio CD   9788861821491   $32.85   $15.00  
Workbook & Exercise CD   9788861822351   $19.35   $9.00  
Teacher's Guide   9788861821484   $19.25   $9.00  
Level B1 (Intermediate)
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Book, DVD & Audio CD   9788861822375   $33.75   $15.00  
Workbook & Exercise CD   9788861822924   $19.35   $8.00  
Teacher's Guide   9788861822368   $20.25   $9.00  
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