Corso De Lingua E Cultura Italiana
Carlo Guastlla and Ciro Masimo Naddeo

Domani is an Italian language and culture course for foreigners that allows students to quickly communicate with ease and confidence in real life situations.

While emphasizing structural elements of the language, Domani strongly focuses on pragmatic, conversational, lexical and sociocultural aspects. through motivating inputs, creative exercises and real life–based activities, students become immediately involved in an active and stimulating learning process.

Domani is structured in three levels low–beginning to low–intermediate. Each level is divided into five thematic sections (geography, arts, society, history, language) and aims to make students fully knowledgeable with all cultural and linguistic aspects of contemporary Italy.

The student book (with exercises) contains 16 didactic units (in 6 sections), 6 evaluation and self evaluation tests, a graphic novel and a grammar section.

The DVD (provided with the student book) includes audio tracks that relate to the exercise section, novel, plus a song; a short feature film with didactic activities; glossaries and keys.

A teacher’s guide with an audio CD (with the tracks for class activities) is also available. *ALL SALES ARE FINAL*NO RETURNS* THIS SALE IS WHILE SUPPLIES LAST*


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Level 1 (Low-Beginning)
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book & DVD   9788861822764   $35.00   $15.00  
Teacher's Guide & CD-ROM   9788861821705   $20.25   $10.00  
Interactive CD-ROM   9788861821507   $31.25   $10.00  
Audio CD   9788861821712   $19.00   $8.00  
Level 2 (High-Beginning)
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Domani 2 bk /DVD/Audio cd   9788861821538   $43.60   $15.00  
Student Book & DVD   9788861822610   $37.35   $15.00  
Teacher's Guide   9788861821521   $20.25   $10.00  
Level 3 (Low-Intermediate)
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Audio CD   9788861822672   $18.50   $5.00  
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