Corso Di Lingua Italiana Per Ragazzi
Katia D'Angelo, Diana Pedol and Laura Vanoli

A communicative course aimed specifically at students aged between 13-18 years old which when complete will be available in 3 levels—beginning, high–beginning and intermediate.

This course is divided into 10 units which are grouped under 4 larger themes—internet, Contatti, Tendenze, Arti—which will appeal to teenage students. This course offers a very balanced approach to learning Italian, by developing students’ listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, together with their grammatical knowledge and awareness of Italian culture. The activities are varied and encourage interaction between students. this course encourages autonomous learning and therefore there are various self–assessment opportunities throughout the text which allow students to chart their own progress. **ALL SALES ARE FINAL* NO RETURNS*THIS SALE IS WHILE SUPPLIES LAST*


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Level 1 (Beginning)
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book & CD   9788861821934   $29.95   $14.00  
Teacher's Book   9788861821897   $15.50   $7.00  
Level 2 (High-Beginning)
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Teacher's Book   9788861822450   $16.50   $8.00  
Level 3 (Intermediate)
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Book & CD   9788861822863   $30.75   $15.00  
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