Multimedia Course of Italian for Foreigners


Italian for English Speakers

Federica Colombo, Cinzia Faraci and Pierpaolo De Luca
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Arrivederci! is a modern and communicative language course for adults and young adults with or without previous knowledge of Italian language. With a slow and gradual progression, Arrivederci! is also suitable for students who have never studied a foreign language. It consists of three volumes covering beginning, high–beginning and intermediate levels, respectively. Each package includes the student book, workbook, audio CD & DVD of the videocourse. Arrivederci! is extremely easy to use, with a clear structure and a pleasant layout, making students feel immediately at ease.

The IWB software is based on the latest hi–tech products for language learning. It offers huge potential to the teacher and makes the learning process easier. It is a complete, functional, intuitive and very user–friendly piece of software.

Arrivederci! for English Speakers is the bilingual version of Arrivederci!. Arrivederci! for English Speakers includes the student book, the workbook, audio CD & DVD. The audio CD is offered in both “natural” (attached to the book) and “slow” version (available for free on web). is an online platform that incorporates all the exercises from the workbook in interactive form, and a collection of tools and resources for students and teachers. There is a code inside each student book to access the site.


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Level 1 (Beginning)
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book , Audio CD & DVD   9789606930805       $28.70  
Teacher's Guide   9789606930812       $14.45  
Software for Whiteboard   9789606931024       $56.00  
Student Book, WB & CD for English Speakers   9789606931215       $31.70  
Level 2 (High-Beginning)
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book, Audio CD & DVD   9789606930829       $28.70  
Teacher's Guide   9789606930836       $14.45  
Software for Whiteboard   9789606931031       $56.00  
Student Book, WB & CD for English Speakers   9789607706676       $31.70  
Level 3 (Intermediate)
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book, Audio CD& DVD   9789606930935       $28.70  
Teacher's Guide   9789606930942       $14.45  
Software for Whiteboard   9789606931048       $56.00  
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