Course of Italian Language for Foreigners
Matteo La Grassa
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A course designed specifically for university students, which when complete will be available in 2 levels covering beginning and intermediate. The student book and exercise book, along with the answers to all activities are together in one volume and are accompanied by an audio CD. The coursebook is divided into 12 chapters, which cover topics such as the contrast between working and studying, the weather and living arrangements. L’italiano all’universita adopts a communicative approach and uses a wide range of written and oral texts as a means of introducing students to grammar, vocabulary and essential phrases in an inductive way.

This course encourages the students to become active agents in the learning process; therefore, at the end of each unit there are self–assessment exercises so students can test and consolidate their knowledge and chart their own progress. The teacher’s guide (available online, www.edilingua.it) presents an introduction on the structure and on the philosophy of the course and explains the aim of each activity, suggesting also a method of executions. It also includes the solution to the exercises of the student’s book.

L’italiano all’università for English speakers is the bilingual version of L’italiano all’università. It consists of a student book and a workbook (with solutions), each divided in 12 units. Every unit is followed by either a linguistic aptitude test, complete with solutions, or by a self-evaluation test. In this version all of the instructions to the exercises, the information boxes, the communication functions of Si dice così!, the Sintesi grammaticale are in English. An Italian/English glossary is also included.

i-d- e-e.it, an online platform that incorporates all the exercises from the workbook in interactive form, and a collection of tools and resources for students and teachers, will be available in early 2013. There is a code inside each student book to access the site.


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Level 1
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book & CD   9789606930683       $33.50  
Teacher's Guide   9789606930799       $12.60  
Student Book, Workbook & Audio CD for English Speakers   9789606931246       $35.90  
Level 2
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book & CD   9789606930690       $36.30  
Teacher's Guide   9789606930959       $12.60  
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