Corso Di Lingua E Culture Italiana Di Livello Intermedio E Avanzato
Alessandro De Giuli, Carlo Guestalla, and Ciro Massimo Naddeo

Nuovo Magari! is a language course of Italian as a foreign language for students of intermediated to advanced level. It is particularly useful for those students who know Italian pretty well and want to brush up and perfect their language skills in order to get to a higher level.

Nuovo Magari! is now split into 2 levels with student book and workbook combined. The text deal with the study of forms, syntax, and style that belong to Italian but are hardly ever dealt with in Italian course books. They offer a new approach to the study of more elementary materials and develops them in a stimulating way. The course is characterized by a strong cultural approach. The didactic units are divided into four thematic macro–areas (Society, Arts, Language, History), through which a rich profile of Italy is outlined in order to illustrate the most significant sociocultural phenomena, ideas, tendencies, and the most recent trends in life style.

The design of the books offers readers articles, information boxes, images, and charts, all of which give it a unique outline in the panorama of course books of Italian as a foreign language.

The audio CDs include authentic spoken language tracks and exercises to do in class.


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Level 2 (Advanced C1-C2)
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