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The Italian Project is the new English–speakers version of Nuovo Progetto Italiano. This 4–level multimedia language and civilization course combines a variety of activities with easy–to–follow grammar tables, modern illustrations and authentic Italian material. Communication and grammar are given equal emphasis throughout. The student book and workbook are in one volume, and come with an audio CD and a CD–ROM. The teacher’s guide and audio CD from Nuovo Progetto Italiano can also be used with this program.


  • Pre–reading and pre–listening activities to enhance student motivation and introduce each unit’s subject matter
  • Use of modern language through original, spontaneous and pleasant situations and dialogues
  • Balance between communicative elements and grammar, presented in a way that is easy–to–understand
  • Communicative activities that enhance learning
  • Self–evaluation exercises at the end of each unit to provide both the student and the teacher with an up–to–date picture of progress
  • Presentation of Italian socio–cultural real life through the use of authentic material and brief passages for written comprehension
  • Systematic review of structures and vocabulary
  • Direct correspondence and vocabulary coherence between the student book and the workbook

i–d– e–, an online platform that incorporates all the exercises from the workbook in interactive form, and a collection of tools and resources for students and teachers, will be available in early 2013. There is a code inside each student book to access the site.


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2A: Student Book, Workbook, Audio CD & CD-ROM   9788898433025       $33.80  
2B: Student Book, Workbook, Audio CD & CD-ROM   9788898433032       $34.50  
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