Testi Attivitá per corsi avanzati
Paola Quadrini and Alessandro Zannirato

Colori d’Italia is an Italian language and culture textbook for American students at advanced level, presenting an innovative language learning course using authentic material.

The book is made up of eight units, each of which constitutes an independent module. Each module focuses on a different emotion (e.g. fear, shock, embarrassment, love, hate, pleasure, anger, laughter), presenting this emotion to students in a variety of cultural and sociolinguistic contexts. The modular structure of the book gives teachers complete flexibility, allowing them to use the book as the main course book or as a supplementary resource. Teachers can make their way through the units in the order they choose, according to the needs or interests of their students. The units, which aim to methodically develop the four communicative skills, help students to acquire and process complex information and topics, and provoke metalinguistic reflection, are structured in five sections:

  • Unit objectives
  • Brainstorming—gives a brief introduction to the emotion serving as the theme of the unit
  • Main content—contains input activities, such as reading and listening tasks introducing the cultural topics, and grammatical and lexical structures of the unit, as well as written and spoken comprehension tasks
  • Linguistic recap—allows students to revise the linguistic structures introduced in the input tasks
  • Self–assessment
Colori d’Italia is accompanied by an audio CD and a blog containing audio and video resources that allow students to explore the topics covered in more detail.


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