Corso di italiano come seconda lingua
Patrizia Flammini and Tania Pasqualini

Senza frontiere is a two–volume Italian course for adult students, covering the very beginning level of Italian and designed to be used in classroom setting.

The course is aimed at students who can already read and write in their native language. All materials and topics have been carefully selected to be motivating, authentic and related to the students’ everyday life. Senza frontiere aims at teaching the “know–how” usage of the language: filling out forms, getting and giving directions, following directions, etc.

The student book offers a clear and well–defined structure related to vocabulary, communication and grammar. It is organized in three modules (Communicating, Everyday Life, Rights and Obligations) each of them consisting of four units covering personal, professional, educational and public aspects. Each of those twelve units is divided into two lessons. At the end of the book, a final test evaluates the actual progress.

The workbook helps students consolidate what they have learned during the lesson through exercises of vocabulary review; communication skills; reading and writing tasks; and grammar exercises. Each grammar element is presented separately so that students can focus their attention one element at a time.

The booklet Avvio all’alfabetizzazione is an introduction to literacy (dedicated to illiterate students who cannot read or write well in their native language). Nevertheless, it can be used as a complete refresher tool for the whole class, especially in cases of beginning Italian students.

Each level of Senza frontiere will also include:

  • An audio CD, included in the book, contains all dialogues and listening activities of the student book
  • A teacher’s guide (available online), includes tips on how to use the course and on Italian culture and civilization
  • A multilingual glossary that will also be available online:


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Level One
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book, Workbook & Audio CD   9788899358037       $13.90  
Avvio all'alfabetizzazione & Audio CD   9788898433353       $3.50  
Preparazione al Test per immigrati & Audio CD   9789606930867       $11.10  
Level Two
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book, Workbook & Audio CD   9788899358075       $13.90  
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