Corso di italiano
Corrado Conforti and Linda Cusimano

Linea Diretta is an Italian course thought for adult students but that can be also used in high schools. The course prepares the students for the Italian certification, guiding them up to a B2 competence level, based on the CEFR standards.

The text focuses on the four abilities (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and on the Italian morfo–sintactic structures learning, calling on everyone who wants to learn italian and wants to be able to understand and to use everyday expressions.

The new edition of Linea Diretta is structured in 3 volumes and it shows some important news.

The first volume is divided in 2 parts: Linea Diretta 1a and Linea Diretta 1b. The exercise volume is integrated in the main manual and the CD can be found inside the book. There are new lessons or reworked ones with an introduction page dedicated to the preparation of the listening, several new excercises and grammar appendix in each unit.


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Level 1A
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book & Audio CD   9788877157355       $34.50  
Teacher's Guide   9788877158000       $15.00  
Level 1B
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book & Audio CD   9788877157362       $34.50  
Teacher's Guide   9788877157997       $15.00  
Level 2
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book   9788877154057       $30.00  
Workbook   9788877157782       $21.00  
Audio CD   9788877154187       $30.00  
Teacher's Guide   9788877154071       $15.00  
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